2024 School Fees

Grade R

R30 910.00
R29 364.50 5% discount –R1 545.50 – paid by 28.2.2024
R 2 810.00 x 11
R 3 091.00 X 10
R 7 727.50 per term

Grades 1-7

R27 786.00
R26 396.70 5% discount-R1 389.30 – paid by 28.2.2024
R 2 526.00 x 11
R 2 778.60 X 10
R 6 946.50 per term



R15 510.00
R 1 410.00 X 11
R 1 551.00 X 10
R 3 877.50 per term

Fees Policy

There may be some of you who find that, though you may technically qualify for a rebate, in actual fact you are in a position to meet your fee obligations.  If you fall into this category we direct a special plea to you, that you look to your moral responsibility rather than simply demanding your legalistic right, and continue to pay your way.  In this way – and only in this way – will the school be able to continue to offer what you have come to expect for your child.

The follow-up of unpaid school fees is strictly monitored and outstanding fees are brought to the attention of the Governing Body.  Interviews with parents will be conducted to ascertain why fees are outstanding as well as to determine why payment arrangements have not been adhered to, and to make the necessary arrangements to clear outstanding debts.  If this is not successful the outstanding amounts are handed over to our debt collector and/or attorneys and this results in extra costs incurred by parents.