All Staff Members

Bergvliet PS

All Staff Members

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Mr B Hill


Mrs T Noor

Acting Deputy Principal

Miss M Fouten

School Secretary

Mrs B Shaban

School Secretary

Mrs F Esau

Gr 7 Educator and Grade Head

Mr D Petersen

Grade 7 Learnership

Mrs N Levendal

Grade 7 Educator

Miss S Cottle

Grade 7 Educator

Mr M Rhode

Gr 6 Educator & Grade Head

Miss A Saffodien

Grade 6 Learnership

Mr C Theys

Grade 6 Educator

Mrs D Botha

Grade 6 Educator

K Schwimmbacher

Grade 5 Learnership

Mr B Barnard

Grade 5 Educator

Mrs S Jones

Grade 5 Educator

Mr T Fenton

Grade 5 Educator

Mrs M Reynolds

Gr 4 Educator & Grade Head

Miss E Williams

Grade 4 Learnership

Mrs P Drake

Grade 4 Educator

Mrs A Lambert

Grade 4 Educator

Miss T Cooke

Grade 4 Educator

Ms J Ashton

Gr 3 Educator and H.O.D

Miss A Adams

Gr 3 Educator & Grade Head

Ms C Lockett

Grade 3 Learnership

Miss K Boulle

Grade 3 Educator

Mrs M Tester

Gr 2 Educator & Grade Head

Mrs A Oliver

Grade 2 Learnership

Mrs Z Payne

Grade 2 Educator

Mrs L Thomas

Grade 2 Educator

Mrs J Newman

Gr 1 Educator & Grade Head

Mrs K Phillips

Grade 1 Learnership

Mrs A Reay

Grade 1 Educator

Mrs J Horsley

Grade 1 Educator

Mrs H Du Preez

Gr R Educator & Grade Head

Mrs C D Avray

Grade R Learnership

Miss N Gardner

Grade R Educator

Teaching Our Students The Values Of Respect, Kindness, And Empathy.

Academically, we strive to deliver the Curriculum in a way that supports the development of each individual learner. We encourage learners to work independently and be self-motivated. It is our belief that learners must take responsibility for their own progress, through self-discipline and sound work habits, and every attempt is made to give them the necessary knowledge and skills in order to do so.