The spirit of enthusiasm about all matters recyclable has been re-ignited at BPS.  Healthy competition is experienced not only between classes and grades, but between the three Houses of our school, Eksteen, Hertzog and Jeffcoat.  A civvies day is always a great incentive to work towards, and the greater our passion for the environment and the world in which we work and play, the better our long-term prospects for healthy, productive life on this planet.

We say a huge and happy thank you to all our learners, parents and other members of the school family for entering into the spirit of recycling so enthusiastically.  We are indeed proudly green!

Recycling Depo Opening Hours:

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 07h00 – 14h30
Wednesday: closed
Sat:  07h00 – 13h00

The following guidelines on what to save from the bin and bring to school should help to get your own home recycling programme up and running:


  • White paper (A4, A5 type), computer paper, inside white pages of books and white envelopes which have no windows or glue.
  • Newspaper and non-glossy advertising newssheets.
  • Magazines, glossy advertising newssheets, yellow and white pages, novels and book paper.
  • Cardboard boxes (flattened) and brown paper.
  • Coloured A4 type paper, packaging like cereal, toothpaste, egg, teabag, rusk boxes, coloured pamphlets.


  • Glass beverage bottles – wine, beer, etc.
  • Glass jars – peanut butter, jam, preserves, sauces, etc.
  • No window glass or light bulbs please.


  • Beverage/cooldrink cans – lighter aluminium type.
  • Cans used for tinned food – baked beans, peas, jams, petfood, etc.


  • Underneath plastic bottles there is a recycling code number within the recycling logo. Look for the following:
  • No. 1 – cooldrink bottles, washing-up liquid bottles, juice bottles – REMOVE CAPS.
  • No. 2 – milk bottles, 25-litre drums, no-name crates, household cleaning aid bottles – REMOVE AND DUMP CAPS.
  • No. 5 – ice-cream tubs, yoghurt tubs, yarn cones, household cleaning aid bottles – REMOVE AND DUMP CAPS.
  • The only bottle caps to be saved and recycled are those from bottled water and cooldrink bottles.

Also recycle soft clear plastic bags with no printing on them and soft coloured plastic bags with printing on them, and refuse bags.