Our School

Bergvliet Primary School is a public, co-educational school providing high-quality education from Grade R to Grade 7. The school is managed by a very capable School Management Team led by the Principal and ably assisted by a School Governing Body elected by the parents.

The school’s ethos is based on the values of respect, honesty, and kindness. BPS has always been acknowledged as a happy school, with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere in which learners thrive. Academically, we strive to deliver the Curriculum in a way that supports the development of each individual learner. We encourage learners to work independently and be self-motivated. It is our belief that learners must take responsibility for their own progress, through self-discipline and sound work habits, and every attempt is made to give them the necessary knowledge and skills in order to do so.

Our main objective is to develop well-balanced, happy individuals, capable of meeting the challenges that lie ahead. With our committed educators and qualified support staff, our learners are offered every opportunity to grow, be it academically, culturally or on the sports field. BPS is a “Thinking School”. As such, we have introduced our learners to various strategies and tools, designed to maximise their potential and ensure that they make a positive impact on the world around them. Furthermore, we place great emphasis on the need for a ‘Community Spirit’. In essence, this highlights our collective responsibility to care for and serve our fellow men and women.

We realise that our goals can only be attained through effective partnership with all stakeholders, and acknowledge that a harmonious relationship with our parent body is essential. We welcome input from our parents and value the support given by those who are truly invested in the education of their children.