Message from the Principal

 Welcome to Bergvliet Primary’s website. We are a proudly South African, community-based school. Our Vision Statement reads as follows: “Holistic education that nurtures and inspires extra-ordinary human beings.”

As an educational institution, our first priority is the delivery of the curriculum and the attainment of measurable academic goals. However, we must acknowledge that equipping the 21st century child for success in our modern world is about so much more than academics. At Bergvliet Primary, we strive to create a love of learning in all spheres – sport, culture and service to others. We also aim to instill values that will hold true long after our learners have left their school years behind. In doing so, we hope that BPS learners will be happy, confident, well-rounded children, who will go on to make their mark in our community and beyond.

For the past 70 years, Bergvliet Primary has excelled in the delivery of quality education. With the support of our dedicated staff, our extra-ordinarily talented learners, and our supportive parent body, we will maintain the excellent standards set by those who came before us. In true Bergvliet Primary tradition, we will remain 100% committed to our common goal.

As you navigate our website, it is my hope that you will catch a glimpse of daily life at “the best school in the universe” – a school where the ordinary is turned into extra-ordinary blessings, where learners are given every opportunity to succeed and grow to their full potential. The heartbeat of BPS is palpable in the myriad photos, videos and information contained on the website, and you are invited to browse through these at your leisure.
If you are a prospective parent, I trust that you will enjoy spending time with us through the website, and my staff and I look forward to welcoming you to our family!