Term Planner


Grade R 07:55-13:15 Monday to Friday
Gr 1 & 2 07:55-13:20 Monday to Friday
Gr 3 07:55-14:40


Monday to Wednesday

Thursday and Friday

Gr 4 -7 07:55-14:40


Monday to Thursday


PLEASE TAKE CAREFUL NOTE OF THE FOLLOWING: The school building will be open from 07:45 for learners to enter their classrooms to prepare for the commencement of lessons promptly at 07:55. The educators are on duty from 07:45 whilst the Front Offices and Reception open at 07:30.

We remind parents that, in order to assist with the traffic congestion which tends to build up in Childrens Way near the front entrance to the school during the school day, we ask that learners in Grades Four to Seven are allowed to get out of vehicles and walk to the front gate from the vicinity of the cricket nets on the South Field. This will be absolutely safe as they are to remain within the pathway marked out with painted lines along the perimeter of the property.

Children must be collected from inside the school grounds within a maximum of 10 – 15 minutes after the last bell of the day or at the completion of any extra-mural activity.

 Educators are not able to supervise children left behind at the close of day – they are busily engaged with numerous other activities and meetings.  Remember to keep your after school care-givers and lift-providers fully updated and informed concerning your child’s routine and timetable.  Check to ensure that all your transport and after school care expectations are being met by conducting spot checks, and empower your child with a back-up plan of how to deal with any emergency or negative situation which they may have to deal with when outside of the safety of the school campus.  Emergency contact numbers should always be on them and cellular phones kept safely out of view in a bag or pocket.


 Learners may enter the school building from 07.45 – school starts promptly at 07.55 so please ensure that your child in brought to school with time to spare in order to unpack and prepare for the day without the stress and awkwardness of lateness.

When dropping off and collecting learners please remember NEVER TO HOOT to attract their attention.  Children wait inside the school grounds and not on the pavement – this is for their safety and security.

By law attendance at school is compulsory – when a child is ill or exceptional circumstances require absence from school, a telephone call or an explanatory note will ensure that the educator is aware of the reason for the absence.  Permission to leave school early should only be requested when emergencies arise or when it is absolutely unavoidable.  Please try where possible to make appointments for after school hours, as it can be disruptive when a learner has to leave the classroom in the middle of a teaching lesson.


Grades R to Two Monday to Friday 13:10 to 18:00
Grades Three to Seven Monday to Friday 13:15/14:35 to 18:00


 The Outdoor Education Camps for Grade 5 takes place from 25 – 27 January. The Grade 6 & 7 Camp takes place from 1 – 3 February 2017. Please note that Outdoor Education camp is just the temporary moving of the classroom to the beautiful surrounds at the camp venues. Camp is compulsory for all Grade 5 – 7 learners.

All camp fees are to be settled before your child attends the annual school camp.


 The extramural programme commences on MONDAY, 23 January 2017.  Every child is encouraged to participate in at least One Summer and One Winter extra-mural. Sport keeps the body healthy and the mind active. Once they have made a commitment to a particular sport or activity, they are expected to continue with it until the end of the season.  Learners from Grade Three to Grade Seven are expected to participate in an activity on at least two afternoons per week, and details of these extra-mural activities are to be found on the termly Extra-mural Timetable.

For Summer outdoor activities learners should be equipped with sunscreen, a hat/peak cap and supplies of water.  These items should accompany your child to school every day especially during the Summer Terms when the effect of the sun is extremely powerful, even on cloudy days.  Pack these items as a general rule and you will hopefully engender good lifestyle habits.


 The consequence for contravening the School Code of Conduct has been revised by School Governing Body. This will be communicated to you at the Parent-Educator Meeting on 20 January 2016. At Bergvliet Primary our aim is to ensure firm, but fair discipline with dignity. We believe that positive discipline and encouragement

can often reap better rewards and motivation than punishment. Children have rights, but also responsibilities. If they do not act responsibly and respect the rights of others, the consequences unfortunately will be disciplinary action.

The comprehensive Code of Conduct can be viewed on our website, www.bergvlietprimary.co.za


At Bergvliet Primary our children are expected to show exemplary manners and respect at home, at school and in public places. Please encourage them to greet politely and if they are not sure of the name of the individual they are greeting to use Good Morning Sir or Ma’am. Our mission statement makes reference to producing well-rounded individuals and the value of good manners and respect goes a long way to achieving this.

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