In the first term of this year, we held a ‘Love your school’ civvies day to celebrate Valentine’s Day and to support ongoing social projects at Bergvliet Primary School. We also did our usual drive to collect Easter eggs for the Lions Club of Bergvliet. In the second term, we held a civvies day to support Alms of Love, an organization which helps many underprivileged people. As this year would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday, we decided to mark the occasion fittingly. Each grade selected a charity to support and established what their needs were. Over the June holidays learners were encouraged to do chores to earn money to purchase the required goods. At the beginning of the third term, a Wall of Hope was built in the hall using these items and a special Mandela Day assembly was held. The goods were then distributed to the various charities. These benefitted animals, the disabled, the underprivileged, refugees and AIDS orphans. Also in the third term we marked Casual Day with learners buying stickers to support various organisations helping people with disabilities. We held Bandana Day on the 20th of September in support of the Sunflower Fund. At the recent Sunflower Walk, 34 members of staff and their families completed the walk to support this cause. We once again thank our learners and parents for their willingness to help the less fortunate.

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