Fundraising is an ongoing and very important part of the school year.  The Bergvliet Parents Association in conjunction with the school staff organises one big fundraiser and one requiring less time and effort, during each term of the year.  These events allow all of our parent body to participate in the very necessary support of our school, and also to meet and socialise with other parents.  These fundraisers are pivotal to our school maintaining its high standards of academic, sporting and cultural opportunities.  Keep an eye open for the blue BPA notices which will keep you updated about current and forthcoming fundraising events.


2017 has seen us achieve the following activities on the fundraising front:

Camp Out

Grade 6 & 7 Cake Sales

Jewellery by Design

Soapbox Fun


Term Two which commences on 18 April, will see us enjoying our annual winter fundraiser, The Sports Derby Day. This is scheduled for Saturday, 13 May. More information at the beginning of the new term. It may be a good idea to stash away a little cash for this event, which comes hard on the heels of the Soapbox Fun Day, leaving us only one pay- day in between the two fundraisers.

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