June 2018

Dear Parents

As we come to the end of another busy and successful term, please allow us to reflect on a few of the many highlights. This Newsletter is a celebration of our achievements this term.

Our Vision states that we are offer “Holistic Education which inspires and nature extra-ordinary human beings” This term we have certainly lived up to our vision, as we have excelled in so many different spheres of school life.

We are in the midst of our focus around Values Driven Education. This term we shone a spot-light on Embracing Diversity and Gratitude. Our assemblies focused on the meaning of diver-sity, the acceptance of others, regardless of skin colour, culture, religion, ability, etc, and how to show gratitude. We hope that your children have come home inspired by the messages, and that they are practising the many lessons that they have been taught.

Diversity at the moment is one of the hottest topics of conversation, not just in South Africa, but across the world. Although we would like to classify BPS as a truly South African school, we still have a long way to go in terms of aligning our practices with this value. In order to facilitate the necessary changes, we will be consulting all our stakeholders, and trust that this process, though challenging, will be richly rewarding.

Gratitude is derived from the Latin, “gratus”, meaning thankful and pleasing. We are certainly grateful for the many moments of grace this term. We are grateful to all our parents, who sup-ported the fundraisers, assisted learners in need, in the library, tuck-shop and the many other areas of our school.

We are grateful for and to our committed, passionate and enthusiastic staff and our vibrant and diverse learners.

This newsletter is just a showcase to all the amazing things that happened at BPS this term, and how once again we turned the ordinary into extra-ordinary blessings. We wish you a wonderful holiday and safe travels and look forward to continuing our journey with you during the third term, which starts on 17 July.

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