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Bergvliet Primary School is a public, co-educational school providing education from Reception Grade to Grade Seven. The school is managed by a Governing Body elected by the parent body.

The ethos of the school is based on the principles of honesty, fairness and respect for the culture, beliefs and feelings of others. Traditionally, it has always been known as a happy school with a relaxed, secure atmosphere. We strive to provide an educational programme in which each individual child is encouraged to develop his or her potential in both body and mind through independent work habits and sound self-discipline. We encourage our children to have respect and support for one another and to develop a strong sense of consideration for others. Children are also encouraged to be mindful of the less advantaged.

Our aim is to develop well-balanced, happy individuals capable of meeting the challenges which lie ahead. The staff strive to attain these ideals through their teaching of the subjects offered and the cultural and extramural programme. We are confident that we will reach these goals through maintaining a harmonious relationship with our parents and the local community, and by keeping the staff morale at a high level.



Principal Mr B Paulse
Deputy Principal Mrs J de Kock
Reception Grade Mrs G Davids (Grade Head)
Mrs C Mentor
Mrs A Pollard
Ms P Mgodeli (Assistant)
Ms R Volschenk (Gr R Assistant)
Grade One Mrs A Reay (Grade Head)
Miss C McKechnie
Mrs M Tester
Miss M Bridgens (Foundation Phase Learnership)
Grade Two Miss D Leslie (Grade Head)
Mrs K Brigg
Mrs J Horsley
Ms C Heyburgh (Foundation Phase Learnership)
Grade Three Miss J Ashton (School Management Team)
Miss A Adams
Mrs J Billington (Grade Head)
Miss S Carona (Foundation Phase Learnership)
Grade Four Mrs G Williams (School Management Team)
Mrs A Lambert (Grade Head)
Mrs S Wentzel
Grade Five Mrs M Reynolds (Grade Head)
Miss Z Jackson
Miss S Mullins
Mr B Barnard (Intersen Learnership)
Grade Six Mrs T Noor (Grade Head)
Mrs E Hector
Mrs C Viljoen
Grade Seven Mr B Hill (School Management Team)
Mrs F Esau (Grade Head)
Mrs P Drake
Mr C Gapad (Intersen Learnership)
Art & Life Orientation Mr M Jonas
Computer Mrs B van Niekerk
Music & Choir Mr M Barnwell

Mrs S Gordon

Ms L Smith

Learning Support Mrs J Fuller

Mrs A Leech

Mrs E October

Librarian Mrs J Junor
Sports Administrators Miss T Cooke (Girls)

Mr C Theys (Boys)

Administration Miss M Fouten

Mrs J Salie

Mrs B Shaban

Reception & Admissions Mrs U Vermeulen
Finance Mrs D Leary

Mrs H Pretorius

Social Worker Mrs R Wichmann
Tuckshop Mrs A Kellerman

Mrs N Cockbill

Miss G Plato

School Uniform Shop Mrs F Schwimmbacher
Maintenance Mr E Kruger (Estate Manager)

Mr M Frans

Ms N Orrie

Mrs S Pienaar

Ms H Rudolph

Mr V Luck

Miss E Ockhuis

Mrs J Thyssen

Mrs B Ntshakaza

Mr E Qakati

Mrs P Mgodeli

After School Care Mrs B Shaban (Accounts)

Miss R Volschenk

Mrs T Wyngaard

Mrs G Jacobs

Mrs M Fortune

Mrs A Leary

Ms R Basson

Ms B Bernard

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