2019 Fee Breakdown

Per Annum

Paid over 11 Months

Paid over 10 Months

Per Term

Discounted Fee (5% if paid by 28 Feb 19)


R24 640.00

R2 240.00

R2 464.00

R6 160.00

R23 408.00


R22 385.00

R2 035.00

R2 238.50

R5 596.25

R21 265.75


R12 485.00

R1 135.00

R1 248.50

R3 121.25


2019 Music Fees

Per Term

Per Annum


R1 020.00

R4 080.00


R1 020.00

R4 080.00


R1 800.00
R1 020.00
R4 080.00





R1 020.00

R4 080.00



R1 620.00

2019 Camp Fees






29 - 31 January

School in the Wilds


R1 130.00

19 - 21 February

Boot Camp


R1 110.00

29 - 31 January

Big Oak Adventures

If you choose NOT to take the option from the State to enroll your child at a Non-fee paying School, but choose to enroll your child at Bergvliet Primary School, a Fee-paying School, you accept the obligation to pay your way.The basis of the relationship between Bergvliet Primary School and Bergvliet Primary School parents is one of mutual trust and reciprocity – parents choose this school because it offers what they want for their son/daughter and we commit to deliver quality education.  There is an obligation on ALL parents to meet their commitment in respect of fee payments for this relationship to prosper.
After School Care and Music fees are also charged on an annual basis in advance.  Please note that if After School Care and Music fees are not paid promptly, your child will not be allowed to continue making use of these facilities with immediate effect. The school’s preferred means of payment is via debit order.

When depositing School Fees directly into our bank account, please give your child’s name and school fee account number as your reference so that your account can be credited correctly. It would be appreciated if all cash payments are deposited directly into the school’s bank account. Please ensure that all monies sent to school are in a clearly marked envelope and that the correct amount is inside as NO change will be given.  Any extra money sent in will be receipted against your school fee account.  For those parents wishing to pay by credit card, there are credit and debit card facilities in the Bursar’s office.

Parents who, due to unforeseen circumstances, find themselves in the difficult position of not being able to pay the full monthly school fee amount should  please make written application for a partial Exemption of Fees via the school fees exemption form as soon as possible for review by the Governing Body. Please send a letter requesting an application form, letters to be addressed to the Bursar. Applications for exemption should be made each year – there is no carry-over from the previous year. All applications are treated in the strictest confidence, but are only considered if there is full disclosure.  Once forms are completed and returned a one-on-one interview will be set up with a member of the Governing Body.

There may be some of you who find that, though you may technically qualify for a rebate, in actual fact you are in a position to meet your fee obligations.  If you fall into this category we direct a special plea to you, that you look to your moral responsibility rather than simply demanding your legalistic right, and continue to pay your way.  In this way – and only in this way – will the school be able to continue to offer what you have come to expect for your child.

The follow-up of unpaid school fees is strictly monitored and outstanding fees are brought to the attention of the Governing Body.  Interviews with parents will be conducted to ascertain why fees are outstanding as well as to determine why payment arrangements have not been adhered to, and to make the necessary arrangements to clear outstanding debts.  If this is not successful the outstanding amounts are handed over to our debt collector and/or attorneys and this results in extra costs incurred by parents.