Extra-Mural Activities

Every child is encouraged to participate in at least One Summer and One Winter extra-mural. Sport keeps the body healthy and the mind active. Once they have made a commitment to a particular sport or activity, they are expected to continue with it until the end of the season. Learners from Grade Three to Grade Seven are expected to participate in an activity on at least two afternoons per week, and details of these extra-mural activities are to be found on the termly Extra-mural Timetable.

For Summer outdoor activities learners should be equipped with sunscreen, a hat/peak cap, and supplies of water. These items should accompany your child to school every day especially during the Summer Terms when the effect of the sun is extremely powerful, even on cloudy days. Pack these items as a general rule and you will hopefully engender good lifestyle habits.


Term 1 Sports Letter Term 1 Extramural Timetable