As we reflect on another amazing year at BPS, we have grateful hearts for all we have achieved together this year. It was another successful year on the academic front, with our school being recognised by the WCED for our phenomenal results in the Grade 3 & 6 Systemic Tests. We excelled on the sportsfield, with many of our learners also participating in festivals and tournaments. One of the many, many highlights was when our Under 10 Cricket Team played Kirstenhof under lights in a day night T20 game. Culturally we made waves again, as our choirs excelled at the Cape Town Eisteddfod. Our learners aced the individual Trinity College Independent exams, our poetry, drama and creative writing teams excelled at the various competitions and concerts. Our learners also excelled at the World Scholars Cup. Our service pillar remained strong, as we supported Glenbridge School as part of our Mandela Day initiative. We also collected many items for various organisations in need this year. All this and more would not have been possible if all of us did not pull together in the same direction. We wish to acknowledge the following people who helped turn the ordinary into extra-ordinary moments and opportunities for our school:

Thank you parents for all you have done – your contribution made it possible to celebrate BPS. Thank you for supporting your children, helping at the fundraisers, attending all the various functions, transporting learners on outings, helping out in the Clothing Shop and the Tuck Shop, and many more instances. Sometimes just an encouraging smile or a helping hand from a kind parent is all that’s needed.

Thank you to our School Governing Body parents, who worked tirelessly to achieve our goals and objectives. Sincere thanks to Mr Apolles, Mr Freese, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Kuhn and Mr Young for their serving hearts in working for the common good of BPS. Thank you to all our amazing staff for their commitment, dedication, enthusiasm and passion which they display in abundance to help our children realise their talents and potential. I am sure you will applaud them and show your appreciation for all they have done this year.

Grade 7’s, we wish you well. Most of you have been part of the BPS family for eight years. You have grown and developed not just physically, but emotionally too. Your individual talents and potential have been harnessed in the safe space at BPS. We now urge you to move forward, embrace the challenges and stay true to your core values. We look forward to hearing only good things about you, and will no doubt be proud of our BPS “ babies” in the years to come. Farewell to all families, who end their association with BPS after many years. We wish you happiness and success, and be assured that you will always be part of the BPS family.

It is not possible to mention every pair of helping hands by name in the newsletter, but please be assured that each and every contribution of all our “co-workers and helpers” are appreciated by all at Bergvliet Primary School.

We wish you a wonderful holiday and quality time with your loved ones. May you be blessed with the gift of peace, love and joy this holiday season

Mr Paulse and all Staff at BPS

Bergvliet Primary on National television!

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