As we come to the end of another busy, but productive term, please allow us to reflect on some of its highlights. It has been a strange term in many ways, with many stops and starts along the way. We had numerous public holidays, and experienced the unprecedented  closing of schools by the WCED, due to heavy storms. However, teaching and learning  continued at BPS, where we remained undaunted by the elements.

The term kicked off with our learners participating in a Netball and Soccer festival hosted by Sun Valley Primary. Two of our boys received accolades, being voted Best Goalkeeper and Best Defender of the tournament respectively. Our Grade 7 learners did us proud, competing in the World Scholars’ Cup for the first time, and winning many trophies and medals for their efforts. Yet another group of Grade 7 learners participated in a competition organised by the Meadowridge Public Library. BPS competed against a few of our neighbouring schools, and thanks to the efforts of two Grade 7 girls, we took top honours in both the English and  Afrikaans sections. Our choirs excelled at the prestigious Cape Town Eisteddfod, winning both the Junior and the Senior sections. Many other learners achieved awards in the  Creative Writing and Art sections of the eisteddfod.

In sport, BPS participated in many tournaments, as well as the league fixtures as per usual. For the most part, we achieved very pleasing results. This term also saw the presentation of the Helen O’ Grady Drama Evenings for our senior classes. Audiences  were greatly  entertained, and were wowed by the learners’ wonderful, confident performances. BPS  participated in the Horizon Maths Competition, in which five of our Gr 6 and 7 learners were placed in the top 200 finalists. These are just a few of the highlights which we celebrated this term.

None of the above would be possible without the input, guidance and commitment  displayed by our passionate and dedicated staff, as well as our wonderful learners and  parents who support the ethos of BPS. Thank you to all those capable individuals who  transform ordinary days into extraordinary opportunities!!! We wish you a wonderful, restful holiday and to those who will be travelling, please take care and stay safe. We look forward to seeing you all on 24 July, for the start of the Third Term.

Bergvliet Primary on National television!

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