16 February 2018

Dear Parents

It is unbelievable to think that we are already heading into the fifth week of the school year. It feels like it was only yesterday that we were celebrating the start of the New Year. Despite the challenges of the ongoing water crisis, it is still business as usual at BPS. Unfortunately, the water crisis has put a slight damper on our extra-mural programme, with swimming squads, galas, Phys Ed swimming and cricket matches being postponed indefinitely until sustainable solutions can be found. However, extra-murals are still continuing and it is heart warming to see so many learners turning up in big numbers.

The various stakeholders met last week to look at future possibilities for the BPS swimming pool infrastructure and the future opportunities for our swimming programme. Should timeframes be adhered to, we could be swimming by the end of May. The idea will be that the pool will be covered with an eco-friendly structure, which will contain blankets to minimize evaporation and rain tanks will be installed to take the pool off the municipal grid. This is a very exciting time for BPS, so despite the challenges, there is certainly a silver lining attached to the cloud.

Our Values this term are Perseverance and Work Ethic. Perseverance is defined  as persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success, or in simple terms just to keep trying when you don’t at first succeed  This value is vital in today’s world, as too often we want instant  success, without putting in the hard yards. Parents, please help your children practise this value. At school they are given constant tips, so please reinforce these values at home.

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