September 2018

Dear Parents

As you read this, we will just have completed 4 performances of our annual Variety Show, and concluded the term with our Founder’s Day celebrations. Staff and learners will certainly have earned their holiday. However, Term 3 at BPS had so many other highlights besides these two events.

As usual, our academic programme ran smoothly. Learners enjoyed exciting presentations by “Hooked on Books. ”Our school was transformed during National Book Week, when staff and learners decorated classroom doors and passages with scenes from their favourite books. Our Foundation Phase learners showcased their talents in the Helen ‘o Grady plays. We have made great strides in the areas of sport, culture and service, and even took on the “Baby Shark Challenge.” This was posted on our Facebook page, and has since garnered more than 500 shares. (Please follow the Facebook page for regular updates).

We have continued with Values Driven Education, and have focused on two particular themes throughout this term: Grit and Resilience, as well as, Honesty and Integrity. Along with weekly illustrations of these values at assembly, learners have been encouraged to incorporate them into their daily lives.

BPS’s new vision states: “Holistic Education which inspires extra-ordinary human beings.” This term has seen the fulfillment of this vision, with each learner being granted the op-portunity to be the “Best you that you can be. ”However, we all need to strive towards this common goal: parents, staff and learners.

AT BPS we are indeed blessed, but all our achievements would not be possible without the commitment, dedication and passion of our staff, parent body and our amazing learn-ers. May we continue to turn the ordinary into extra-ordinary blessings, as we keep Bergvliet Primary at the forefront of educational excellence.

We wish you a wonderful time of rest with your families and an awesome, albeit short holiday. Should you be travelling, we wish you travelling mercies.

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